Diet myths, my diet and top tips

This little blog is aimed at people new to dieting and who need a little help.
The fact is dieting can be very simple. It's mostly common sense.
However the working of our body's endocrine system can be hideously complicated. As always, I want to keep things as simple as possible. So here is how I dieted. Hopefully i'll be lucky and my grammer makes sense!
It is too me ;-)

There is no mythical magic secret to losing fat! Just consistent work. A quick look at some bullshit before I explain how I diet.

Advertising this dangerous load of shite should be illegal.

The reason ultra low calorie diets work short term but fuck you up in long run.

Our muscles act like a battery. They store glycogen, glucose and fatty acids. Our body's goto energy supply. They also store minerals such as potassium and calcium needed for our body's to work efficiently.
Very Low calorie diets quickly deplete these stores and affect your body's ability to store water correctly.
Some of these fad diets are based around replacement drinks or pills, so less actual food or fiber is sitting in the digestive system.
This all adds up to a really dramatic weight loss. for the first few weeks at least.
This is Weight loss! not FAT loss!.
All that has really happened is you have depleted. Most,if not all of the weight lost is from water weight/your body's energy supplies and some freaking muscle!
To conserve energy anyway it can, your body enters starvation mode.
Meaningful exercise will become impossible as fatigue sets in.
Headaches, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea are common. Also Suppressing your immune system.
Basically a really shitty quick fix. A great way to turn yourself into a grumpy, unwell, unfit deflated balloon.

"This cabbage soup diet is amazing!" "I've lost three stone and got a bulk discount on adult nappys"

Before and after photos! This took me a solid year of sensible eating and training. Getting in shape the first time, takes longer than 30 days.

Once you have been fit and in good shape it is much easier to get back in shape then it was too get in shape the first time.
Most of the before and after photos you are seeing all over the internet are people who have let themselves go for a little while. Bad lighting, lack of tan and taken before working out make a huge difference.
As you get fitter and leaner your body gets better and better at using body fat as a source of energy. Muscle memory also has a huge part to play.
This is me, literally two weeks apart.

Now that I have that off my chest.

My very simple plan.

At this point my goal is to stay slightly below my calorie expenditure while eating good fresh nutritious food. Until you are really lean (-10%) It's all about keeping the calories you eat slightly below the calories you burn. 300/500 per day under, max.

I stay close to the classic 50%/30%/20% split with roughly 2700/4000 calories per day based on activity levels.
Fifty percent of my total calories from carbs, thirty from protein and twenty from fats.
Low carb diets are great for breaking through plateaus but make me too grumpy for every day dieting.
I'll be keeping my food as clean and healthy as possible.

Because we are mis-sold so much shite under the name of healthy food. I'm going to list what I will be consuming for most of my meals.

Fresh chicken, white fish and whole milk (because it tastes better!) are my main sources of protein. Beef and oily fish roughly once a week. I also use a whey protein isolate powder right after workouts.

Carbs are mainly from white rice, oats, potatoes, bananas flat or pitta breads (I love pittas) or home made sweet potatoes wedges. Mmmmmmm wedges!
I should put shredded wheat in there too. I have a real craving for that stuff at the mo.

Fats. I love to add some sort of nut butter to my shakes and most of my food is cooked with olive or nut oil.
I will also be shoveling in as many greens as I can. Mainly in the form of asparagus, spinach and rocket as these are my favs.... and whatever Emma forces on me when im hungry.

I prefer to eat small amounts quite often through the day and a slightly larger meal at night. So for me about six times a day. This really is personal preference though.
I find eating too much in one go during the day slows me down too much and eating a little extra for my last meal helps me sleep better.
Yes I do!

I use "myfitnesspal" to log all meals. I also use a fitness tracker (mine is a garmin) as it gives a good idea of additional calories burned during exercise. I've got mine set to upload to myfitnesspal automatically. I find this makes a huge difference. You can follow me on there to get a better idea of what I am eating day to day.


At first you're going to experience a lot of cravings for shite food. It will take a few weeks for your palate to change and your body to adjust to the more natural foods. Once it does, KFC and haribos very quickly lose their appeal.

Always buy fresh.

The nutritional values of ready meals or reconstituted foods are shocking. They are made with poor quality ingredients and loaded with additives and preservatives for a longer shelf life and uniform taste. Even the diet brands! A lot are loaded with trans fats. These have been closely linked to obesity epidemic. Your body has a very hard time dealing with this shite and is much more likely to store it as fat.
With sensible shopping, fresh food works out much better value for money.

Keeping my meals simple.

You don't need hours of food prep. For me simple meals are a lot easier and a lot more satisfying. It just takes a little bit of practice to cook fish or chicken well. Spending hours pissing about with diet recipies drives me up the wall. I should get Emma to comment here as i'm a real shitty cook.

Mental health.

Do not underestimate the power of positive thinking.
Belittling and berating yourself is going to do nothing but make you unhappy and raise your Cortisol (The stress hormone) levels. Prolonged Cortisol levels will make dieting and exercise infinitely harder and could lead to Adrenal Fatigue.

Cheats and Treats. Getting fit and in shape is a long time process. Every day you eat healthy and train you are a little closer. That does not mean that every day has to be perfect.
Most of my meals are clean, most days i'm under my calorie goal. Not all.
While writing this i'm eating a couple of vanila crowns; working my way through a pot of coffee. Tomorrow we are planning to have a takeaway and watch a movie. I just make sure I watch my portion size.
Personally I don't plan cheat meals. I go more by how I feel. I find planning them only adds to the idea that i'm denying myself and I tend to go overboard. I find after a few weeks I lose interest in takeaways. My cheat meals end up being a big ass steak and home cooked wedges.

Diet pills I want to do another blog post on supplements and foods labeled "diet". It's a big big subject. So this is just a quick note. There are diet pills that can HELP but these are perscription only medications. They come with a ton of dangerous side effects.
Over the counter you can get diet supplements that are really just a ton of overpriced caffeine. Hello insomnia, anxiety and more then likely, the shits.

Or how about Fat binders? These are funny as hell. They bind to the fat in your food and allow it to pass through your system untouched. Problem is most people can't control when it comes out. Hello adult nappies.

Last thing i want to say is to be patient.
Doing this slowly will be easier mentally and physically. more importantly it will give your skin extra time and the nutrients it needs to shrink and minimise excess looseness.