New year, new me! new you?

A quick update and a ton of crap excuses.

While running my first ultra in september i developed achilles problems. I got to the point where i could barely walk. Instead of resting and letting it heal i got carried away.
It was getting near the end of the running season and I did not want to miss one second. Three half marathon pbs later, I entered the cabbage patch 10 mile road race. Less than three miles in and i felt my achilles poop.... So did my knee and hip.
The route was amazing. One minute I was on the Thames path then into Hampton Court and the streets of West london.
I didn't have my phone (could not call in for extraction) and really didn't want to ask a marshal for help. I didn't like the idea of another DNF.
I hobbled on.
I pictured myself doing a dramatic Rocky type scream as i stumble victorious stumble over the line. "EMMMMMMMMMMMAAAA!" It helped to kept a silly smile on my face.
Just replace adrian with Emma

Truth was, I had twisted myself a little bit and was being a massive drama Queen...Again.
I finally crossed the line in 1 hour 40, stole one of Emma's crutches and hobbled to the car in a huff.

Over the next few weeks my achilles got thicker and tighter. I was walking duck style and unable to keep weight on it for long.
My doc told me I've developed achilles tendinitis.
Heart broken that I had to take a bit of time off running i started hitting the gym pretty hard. Then I twinged my rotator cuff.... Then had a chest infection..... Then had oral surgery and ended up with a gob full of stitches..... I was admitted into hospital with the same gastrointestinal problems as last year.....
Truth is after a string of minor illnesses and small injurys I've enjoyed sitting on my arse eating a little too much junk far too often.....and playing more xbox then a reclusive teenager.

Now that these little problems have mostly passed its time to get my arse back in some sort of shape. Hopefully in time for race season.
I've got a place in Brighton marathon. It would be really good to run it under 4 hours.
Time to shift some arse weight!!!

It's that time of year again. After a few weeks of rich food and far too much alcohol most of us have put on a little extra weight and feeling pretty shitty. Tons of people are going to joining gyms and running clubs. Unfortunately most give up very quickly.
Its really not easy sticking to new training and diet routines. Especially while struggling to go back to work at a very dark and depressing time of year.
Conflicting information from douch-bag salesmen and smart arsed argumentative Internet experts really doesn't help.

If people are interested; What I plan to do is document my training and diet for the next few months. Talk about my thoughts on different training types and diets that I've used. I also want to provide a personal viewpoint on how I feel on a emotional and physical level during various parts of my diet and exercise routine.
I want to show people what it really took to drop so much arse weight and how my lifestyle changed. I've got about ten kgs i want to shift.
As always i want to keep things as simple as possible and avoid as much bull shite as i can.

Please, please follow my page on facebook and let me no what sort of topics you would like me cover. Or just have a laugh at my short shorts and silly faces as i try and get my arse back in shape.

Hopefully my next post will be up in the next few day's. I really want to tackle diet myths.