Try not to be a c##t

I've been having a hard time posting recently as I've really wanted to Write about a couple of really cool race experience's I've had. Only problem is my head is wanting a little rant.

Remember this is just the rants of a frustrated hippy who really wants to keep things as simple as possible and avoid bullshit at all costs.

Me and Em have been talking about relativity recently. The way we justify our actions and reactions.


Em has been seeing a psychologist (pam) for a while now. Who has really helped Em come to terms with her abusive childhood and coping with all her illnesses. After a lot of pestering from Em i've decided to go down the same route. Pam and Em believe i'm in full on apocalyptic mode and starting to enjoy my own company a little too much. Makes sense; i'm petrified of Emma dying and am getting a little obsessed with solitary bucket list activities.


There has been a couple of posts on Facebook that have got me thinking.
One, A friend having a rant about getting stuck behind a group of cyclists. The cyclists were going far to slow and not allowing traffic to pass.
Two, A short clip of a car pulling out of a junction without looking and smashing into a cyclist.

Even though both posts are pretty straight forward both have far too many replies. People arguing about who's to blame? It goes round and round in circles!

Fact is; problems materialise when we are being c##ts. We all get distracted, we all make mistakes accidents happen. Its how we react and how we let this affect us.
Some of us are stuck on self made plinths, looking down on other people's life choices. So much so that we start to see everyone else as stupid or even worse! an enemy.
It really does not help when the daily mail or fox news is scaring the shit out of everyone, convincing people your next door neighbor could be a pedophile....or even worse a dreaded muslim.

Some of my closest friends have very different faiths and backgrounds and the biggest judgemental dickhead i've had the misfortune to meet was "born again".

We have privatised everything and turned everything into a competition. I've never played a game of monopoly that didn't end with a fight. (normally when i've been caught ripping off the bank)

Even though we were promised it would not; Heathrow is expanding again. Hundreds of thousands of people are traveling from all over the country into a already stupidly overpopulated area for work. Men and women working away from their family and friends. leaving a massive carbon footprint and turning most people into a ton of home sick, bitchy stress heads.

We have diet pills, potions and get fit quick program's that are nothing but get rich quick pyramid schemes. Encouraging dickheads to rip off the naive, desperate and their friends!!! We all know what i'm talking about!

There is a lot of controversy over the percentages but apparently 10% of the population have psychotic tendencies 1% are psychotic. Because of my love of yin and yang I like to believe that means 10% are empathetic and the 1% truly amazing people.

That leaves 80% of us (including me, i'm a sheep too) capable of being kind or being a c**t. We need to stop idolizing and imitating the c$$ts.

We have become so overworked, overstressed and obsessed with short term gain at any cost. We are missing our present and fucking the real future.

This beautiful world is full of amazing people trying to do amazing things under very difficult circumstances. We need to let go of our bitterness and envy and encourage each other more. we need to not live in fear and hate, to try to love and live our lives with hope.
So please....
Try not to be a cunt ;-)