Smashing pb's

The speed training and weight loss is really starting to make a huge difference. I started the weekend with a massive Parkrun pb at black park.
22:54 official time but my strada app says 22:39 so I'm having that. A full minute quicker than last week and that was a massive PB too. After a couple of days of recovery runs I got my arse over to Dorney for a full five K speed run; the blackpark run comes up as 4.8k on my watch. Tired, feeling shite and running into the wind and rain I hit 22:48!!!
Sub 23 was not a fluke! So so happy. I'm getting real close to that 4:30 average pace that I desperately want.

Thursday mornings speed session was crap. We needed to go into london for Emma's blood tests; so was pressed for time. My watch would not load the planned workout. So I was going to have to rely on me keeping a eye on my watch and actually doing math. Not my strong suit when I'm nice and calm never mind when running my arse off and struggling.
No time for the nice sports track at Bray; so I walked over to Zombie park (salthill).
Wayne's plan was a Five min warm up and then one K at 4:30 pace 90 seconds slow recovery/small stroke; times three.
First K was great set off nice and quick. Set a big pb on running the loop and avoiding the misfits of slough. Fortunately I only understand english (barely) so have no idea whether the knuckle draggers shouting at me were after a fight or some loving. Probably loving; The sight of my legs in my short shorts do strange things to some people.

Second rep was a killer, I could not keep the pace up. The third was even worse! I didn't even finish it.
I convinced myself it was my asthma or lack of sleep. Truth was I was being a massive tart.
For me running fast is hard, really hard. I really have to approach every speed session with determination and a little aggression. If I don't the little voices saying "Just slow down" or "Stop and get your breath for a second" get too loud to ignore.
Pissed off I went home to eat a ton of carbs and get ready for the club relay race this evening.

Datchet dashers 10k relay

I've never ran a relay race before or really gone for a max 2.5 K run before so this was going to be intresting and fun. Teams of four doing 2.5 kilometers each for a ten Kilometers total.
The teams were picked to try and make things as even as poss. Most of the teams had a mix of really quick and slow runners. Our's was a team pretty evenly matched. All four of us middle of the road. I was the last to run. As the other guys and girls went out one at a time I was trying my best to warm up without tiring myself.
Next thing I realised I was lining up to do my lap.
After the shite job I did of pacing myself this morning I was really worried about starting too quick and burning out again.
Big problem! I was only a hundred meters behind another runner and she was a little slower than me. My inner competitive bitch was screaming.
I opened my stride right up, got my breathing as deep and rhythmical as poss and went for it. Once I was past I was running on a high. The pace was hard but I could keep it going....just. I had gained a ton of distance on the next guy and was buggered if i was going to slow down now.
Just as I was getting close to another overtake; the dashers captain, David came gliding effortlessly past me "Hi lee, keep going". Amazing pace! definitely got me to up my game again.
We were ushered off the nice concrete path on to a small section overgrown grass leading onto the Thames path trail. Balls balls balls!!! I've been down this trail on my bike a few times. It's been chewed up by tractors and probably american monster trucks. At least thats how it looks. My weak ass ankles really don't like trail running.
Just as my ankles started screaming and I was about to slow down; Wayne (super coach) blasted past.
No way was I slowing down now, I was trying my best to jump the pot holes and keep up some speed when I managed to get past another runner, barely. I'm really shit with names and am only just starting to get to no the other club members. We were on the home straight and we were both going for it. I could hear him gaining ground on me with every step. He got me about twenty meters before the end but what a finish!

I looked at my watch. 10:30 with a 6:44 mile another massive pb! Three in one week.

On Facebook, Alice Hertor was asking for someone to do the running leg of a half Ironman. So I jumped at it. Alice (partner to one of my gym buddies) is a top ranked tri athlete and seriously cool woman. she is doing the F3 events half Ironman in marlow as a training session! She is going to do the swim and bike section and let me do the half marathon.
So I've got to carb up and get my arse to bed early for the next few days; this is going to be fun!!