Getting out of a rut.

Quite often i've been approached by guys in the gym wanting to talk about their training or dieting. Conversations full of the terms "Gainz are loyal" or "Beast mode". Just guys after a little bit of affirmation. Unfortunately too often the reason they are after affirmation is because their progress has slowed and are in a rutt.

Last year my training was going great. I had lost an absolute ton of arse weight, got fitter than I had ever been and even managed to run a proper bastard of a half marathon. Marlow half turned out to be a lot more challenging than i hoped.
Then disaster struck. Right before the end of the men's health survival of the fittest obstacle race I managed to completely tear my bicep off the bone.
After surgery, I was absolutely petrified of becoming overweight again or losing my new fitness levels. So I got my arse back out running and in the gym almost immediately. It was hard, really hard but I managed to get myself almost as fit and almost as lean.
Problem was I got myself stuck myself in a rutt. I thought I was training hard. I really thought I was pushing. I wasn't. I was training in my comfort zone.
Our body's are amazing at adapting to the workload we place upon it. If you push yourself and run 20 miles a week at a good pace and do a couple of cross training session per week for good measure; your body will adapt very quickly. Once adapted any physical or performances changes will be painfully slow if at all.
I had gotten complacent. I was happy getting 6 chins per set; Using the excuse that my bicep was not 100%. I was getting close to my old five kilometre personal best but never bettering because I was holding on to the excuses I was a little heavier now. Shite excuse! I no how easy dropping arse weight is now.

Now this is all well and good if you are really training for health or a little bit of fitness, but I'm a competitive bitch.
It is time to let go of the fear of injury or exhaustion and step out of my comfort zone again. With a little help and direction from a running coach I've stepped up my training again and am now keeping a closer eye on what i'm eating. I'm moving forward, getting faster and leaner again.

Almost 3 weeks between shots. trying to lose as much useless bulk as poss to make my running times better

I try and be as kind as possible when giving advice. Kind of hard when deep down i'm a piss taking arsehole. I don't see blowing smoke up someones arse as kind.
Be honest with yourself. Are you making progress? How much training time is spent "going for it?" and how much is wasted? Are you eating and resting as best as you can? Are you still partying a little too often?

We all get stuck in a rut every now and then. If you want to move forward; whether it's size, speed or weight loss you have to keep pushing harder with consistency. Learn to love what you do and find joy in blasting them personal bests.

Train with conviction and confidence; you can do this!!