Guinea pigs and pbs

The last couple of weeks have seen a big change in my training and diet. One of the trainers at the Dashers running club was after guinea pigs for speed based training programmes. I jumped at the chance.
Being stuck in my ways I always managed to tire myself out with gym based strength training and the running was sort of bolted on top when I was too sore for the gym. My running was simply labeled as cardio in my diary; lucky if I put the distance down never mind any real details
For the first time in my life my training is mostly out of the gym and not strength based.
This meme has been going around for years. Two good friends from my powerlifting days; both ripped to bits and in amazing shape. Lots of us got carried away with the bulking.

I'm now doing Two main types of training sessions. All out maximum effort speed sessions and paced recovery sessions. I've got one swimming session, one cycling session and one gym session a week.

Since tearing my bicep, last year I've used high volume training to compensate for a more relaxed diet. Basically I've been pigging out on ice cream by the tub and shortbread by the packet and training two or three times a day.

I was a little worried about the lack of volume so decieded to tighten my diet up a touch. I will be using the myfitnesspal app (littlelee1979) to make sure I eat enough.

Almost three weeks later

I've really enjoyed the speed session's and I've lost 4kgs. If I squeeze too the point that I'm in serious danger of shitting myself and with some good lighting my abs are starting to look nice and sharp again. I've smashed my black-park parkrun.... twice and I'm starting to get on top of my achillies injury. All the extra time stretching and foam rolling has really helped keep me on my feet so far.
* 18 days progress. No stupid supplements or rip off meal replacements. Just reasonable clean eating and exercise.*

Smashing my pbs every week!!! I got 22;32 the week after this text

If only the rest of life was so easy!!! Emma is still getting passed about from doc to nurse and back again in the hope of starting treatment for her MS. Its getting pretty frustrating but at least we are moving forward.

We are still having problems with solicitors, estate agents and buyer concerning the sale of our flat.
On the plus side the council and shelter are being brilliant. We are just waiting for a moving date so they can put everything in motion.
Kind of funny; we worked our entire life to get on the property ladder. When emma was forced out of work in 2010 and our insurances didn't payout; we struggled for years trying to to pay our ever increasing interest rate and extortionate maintenance charges (2.5k per year for a 1 bed flat!!!) Now we are just so glad its almost over with and I can get back to worrying about my race times and working on my blog :-)
One of my favourite comedians expresses it best.