The search for a new bike

Many years ago; when I lived up north I was mad on mountain biking. In the north east of england there is tons of amazing country roads and dirt tracks criss crossing the hills and valleys in the most stunning way. There is an amazing old ex train tracks that runs close to my parents house all the way to coast. Off road riding was always fun.
Penshaw hill.

When I moved down south, lack of storage space, limited spare time, the absence of hills and of course my extra arse weight gave me all the excuses I needed to give up.

Every now and then I would pop into a bike shop like a kid planning christmas and drool over the mountain bikes.

Fast forward a few years and I've lost a ton of arse weight and even though I still have some sexy curves. My fitness levels are better then they have ever been.
Moody chunky powerlifter too moody looking runner. I do smile sometimes, honest.

Last year when I started dropping weight and working on my fitness I bought myself a road bike. Never had one before and really like the idea of distance racing. Love it; but road riding is a bastard round here.

Because of my new love of trail running and road biking I've explored more of the local area in the last six months then I have in the full fifthteen years I've lived here. I've discovered some great cycle trails and am dying to hit them up with a decent trail bike.

The big plan is for me to buy a good trail bike just after the ladybowler marathon. Take it up north and ride from Whitley bay to Carlisle. Following Hadrian's wall. Propper bucket list stuff. I've always wanted to ride this route. It's a pretty popular trip to take over a weekend up north.
Next year I want to run it.
Photo from "The wall" ultramarathon facebook page.

Big problem now is trying to find a good bike at a good price. That means learning bike specs from biased online reviews and finding a salesman I trust.
Due to douchebag salesmen we have overpaid or bought end of line shite at full price far more times then we would like to admitt.

Two bikes I really like the look of at the mo.
Whyte 901. Cube reaction pro