Why running?

Why running?

We never do things for one reason and one reason only. There is always one reason we like to share. One reason that resonates with our idea of who we want to be. If we are honest, sometimes the real reason is quite different. Then there are the dozens of smaller reinforcing reasons.

The reasons I started to run

As a child a few silly accidents made sports difficult for me. I was always the last to be picked for sports.
Check out the massive guns' Bruce Forsyth style

Concerened with my weight, small frame and general nerdyness my dad got me a weight set just after my 14th birthday.
Boy did I make up for lost time! I put on about 4 stone in 6 months and utterly fell in love with training.
I had never experienced a strong healthy body before,and it did go to my head a little...A lot if I'm honest.
Training became very important for me.

As a young man I always thought I had something to prove, not to other people but to myself. I don't want to get to old age, without some stories of grand adventure I could exaggerate.
Being number one was not really a priority either. I wanted to have fun! To be the guy who put his heart and soul into everything and love every second. win or lose. I wanted to make sure I had the biggest smile on my face, even when I fecked up!
I think a lot of people give up on their dreams because they put far too much emphasis on being being the best. Comparing themselves to others and getting disheartened.

I love powerlifting but the lazy perma-bulking approach I adopted was making me more and more curvy and unfit. Once I got into my thirty's I really started to feel the affects of the extra weight and started to pick up more and more injury's.
Hairy Bear with a Pec major/minor and bicep tear. Time for a change?

I was waiting for a hernia op when I decided to drop a bit of weight.
I started to walk a lot more and decided to buy a bike. I loved riding as a teen (phrasing) and thought it would be the perfect way to get fitter. Unfortunalty I found I was too unfit and struggled to ride in the douche bag traffic around Slough.
Doing cardio in the gym was a nightmare too. It's boring and I would be disturbed too often.
So I started running!!!
I started in Salt Hill park early in the morning so I didn't bump into anyone. It took what seemed like months before I could do the full loop; about 800 meters. Once I had got over the lung burning, "I'm about to die!" phase I started to enjoy it!
I started to love it!

The 'many reasons' I continue to run

Once I was running regulary the body fat started to just drop off me. Within reason, I could eat what I wanted.
Body changes between end of 2014 to the mid 2015. still need to work on smiling in selfies.

I started to feel younger and lighter on my feet. I was not getting tired as much.

My asthma became easier to manage.

When you're out on a truly great run the tranquility can be amazing. Your thoughts just calm. Worries, stress's and stupid irratitions just become less. You become so much more aware of your surroundings. You notice little things we normally miss; birds singing, smells on the breeze or squirrels bonking.

You get to explore places you would normally zoom past in the car. I've seen more of my local area in the last 6 months then I have in the 12 years I've been living here. I'm surprised at some of the stunning places I've found recently. Noticing a gargoyle deep throating a rain water pipe on the side of eaton school was a weird one.
Pervy face on Eaton collage

Being able to run that bit further became a really fun challenge. I would go out and run until I twisted something or my achilles gave in; then phone my own private emergency services. Emma is awesome, she would drop every thing (normally watching netflix and cuddles with our massive cats) and come and rescue me.

It attracts people of all ages and abilities. I was worried about entering my first 5k race as I couldn't run the whole thing without stopping. The winner smashed out an awe inspiring 18 min time, however there was people still getting cheered in at the 60 min mark!!!

And of course the bling; I'm now totally addicted to collecting finishers medals. When I'm looking at new races I find it really hard not to google search the past medals.

Short shorts at Marlow 5! Need I say more?

In short

Its not going to shag your knees You're not going to lose all your gains. You will look and feel better. You can eat more. Calms the mind and fights depression. Healthier heart. lower blood pressure and dont forget the short shorts!!!!
Indecent shorts at the MK Marathon.

The big one!

The reasons I'm running the Thames path 100k

As a kid I always wanted to do the coast to coast bike ride following Hadrians wall. A powerlifting friend Jonny Wignal RAN IT a few years ago. The seed was planted and I didn't even realise.
Another gym friend, Ivana had the time of her life running to the stones and recommended I read Ultra Marathon Man. Wow what a book!
I have a habit of taking things to extremes and really want to see if I'm strong enough mentally to do it.

'The Wall' and 'Race to the stones' are in June and are hilly as hell. There is very little chance of me being fit enough in time.
The Thames path challenge is close to home, real close. I can train on sections of the course.
It's in September; three more months of training!
Its pretty flat.
This is a massive challenge for me, so I wanted to make it as achievable as possible.

Why the Multiple Sclerosis Society

The guys at Ultra challenge (organisers)have made this a charity only event for first timers. So if i'm going to pester people for donations I wanted to pick a charity that resonates with Emma and I. One of Emma's disabilities is MS.
We have optioned for all money raised to be spent on research into treatment for the symptoms of MS.

I've set up a gofundme page if anyone has a few spare pennies they want to see go to a good cause. We really appreciate every single donation no matter how small.


Anyone fancie going for a run??