Marlow 5, short fun one.


I've spent the last couple of days sat on my arse. Apart from a couple of chores; i've adapted the i'll do it in half hour mentality. Half hour never came. so both me and emma have been sitting on our arse's eatting ben and jerrys by the bucket waiting for some energy to return.
The day after the marathon (tuesday) we were cool; got up early went swimming, sauna and steam. even managed a cheeky little arms session in the gym (Guns session is always good for the head). Tired but happy.
Wednesday and Thursday was a different story. No real pain or stiffness just couldn't be arsed to move. Couldn't be arsed to play xbox. Couldn't concentrate enough to even watch a movie.

So today I forced my arse out for a quick 20 min run around Zombie park.
Zombie park (salt hill park) is the park out the back of where I live. there is a 800 meter path around the main green area. Perfect for when I'mm pooped and unsure how far im going to be able to run. I just do loops until i'm bored or fecked.

During the day there is always a couple of unfortunate drunks lurking keeping them selves to them selves. The second the sun goes down the real weirdos, drunks and aggressive junkies seam to come out of nowhere just like a 80s b movie!
4 slow pitiful laps and i had run out of time. (Mortgage solicitor appointment) Good thing too, things were starting to feel very heavy and i was getting slower.
Two hours of forms and id checks later (You would think they were getting payed by the hour!) I was itching to get to the gym! Twice in one day! I am feeling better!

Sunday is the marlow 5 miler. Plan is to use this as a speed session. Clear my head of a little stress and try and get as close to 40 mins as possible. marlow is a stunning town and there is a good chance I'm going to have a few beers there afterwards.
I really want to do some work on the shorter distances. Just for fun no real plan.


What a contrast to last week! absolutely stunning day and a slight breeze. Marlow is in full bloom and is easily one of the most beautiful villages I,ve ever seen. I'm still feeling a little drained from last week but am really looking forward to blowing the cobwebs off.

The dashers are out in force today; apparently 74 in total. Its really cool to catch up with the guys and girls before a race and meet a few new faces. Really helps to calm my nerves, stops the competitive dickhead in me obsessing about times and makes it a more fun experience.
Even meet a couple of people who recognise me from this blog. Really did not expect that! absolutely stunned tbh. Sorry i did not remember your names; I really was stunned lol. Thank you so much for reading.

After finding the toilets four or five time's (too much coffee) I found start line. It was just inside the park, awesome! less then a minute we were out the wide roads on the high street and had a ton of room.
Ive found race starts can be a bit of a eventful experience. Some people start real slow and it can be draining work weaving in and out trying to get up to pace and getting a little extra elbow room. Marlow opened up perfectly. As always its pretty hard to keep the pace sensible when the starting gun goes and the crowds start cheering, especially when emma is there screaming too!
My body felt really good but i was really struggling to keep my breathing rhythmic. The First mile was a killer! When i passed the first mile marker a "thank F**k" escaped, that brought out a few giggles from runners close to me.
My running watch is back with garmin for repairs so I had no idea of pace; didn't stop me from looking at my empty wrist every couple hundred meters.

Some of the other runners were complaining about running in the hot weather; I was thinking how awesome it would be to get a decent tan going. I've never had to deal with hot weather and distance before. Im sure my attitude will be completely different after the summer.
We were running through the residential streets of Marlow now. Running past Houses with stunning fragrant gardens was a new experience for me. I only started running last year so by the time i had built up some decent milage it was autumn. The most exciting smells i've encountered so far have been takeaways; when I'm on the return leg, starving!

Water station at the half way point was a experience. I was starting to lag' still struggling to calm my breathing and had no idea of time. I gulped back a mouthful of water at the same time as gasping for air. Trying desperately not to stop and fighting the urge to puke had me stumbling all over. almost took out a couple of other runners who had stopped to drink.
A little further on I over heard someone mention we were at the six K mark. Only two K left!! My lungs were burning, I was feeling like i was drowning (Asthma) If i pull my finger out it can all be over in ten mins! Typical competitive nob-head attitude coming out! Couple of turns and a little uphill section; People were starting to slow down or walk on the hilly bits. I was determined not to be one of them. Running past the river was stunning; did I say "I really like running in Marlow?"

Coming into the park was absolutely awesome! I was surprised how much energy I had left. There was dozens of dashers screaming words of encouragement and of course Emma. Even the pa presenter commented on my sprint.

If im truthful the sprint was unnecessary. It only saved me a few seconds at best but it put a massive smile on my face. Finished in 40;48, had one hell of a good morning and blow the cob webs off in style. Emma had a freezing cold Pepsi Max for me on the finish line and as always a even bigger smile then me!

There was a million and one well done's to give and receive with the dashers so we hung around and enjoyed the sun for a while.

Definitely going to do a few more smaller racers over the summer and make sure i get my arse out of bed early sunday to do the long runs with the dashers.