Game plan changes


Em had her steroid infusion treatment a couple of weeks ago. Its made a great difference to her energy levels. We are having more good days then bad now.

pacing We really need to work on pacing though. Because her energy levels have been limited for so long we have been "making up for lost time," we have been running around like a couple of hyperactive teenagers! its been awesome!!!
Unfortunately she has exhausted herself and her back (she has a degenerative disc disease) is now crippling her. She has been offered a neural stimulator. It could make a big difference but we need to get her MS treatment underway first.

Treatment There are several treatments for MS available and you have to decide yourself. Because tablets would put extra stress on Em's system and the infusion drugs destroy your immune system for a week after, we have decided to try the daily injections to start. Now we are just waiting for a appointment with our consultant Mr Nicholes so we can start.

DIET Me cutting out junk and crap from my diet has made a huge difference to Emma too. We no longer have drawers full of treats so that has really helped. She has lost a huge amount of weight and is lighter now then she has been for most of her adult life. Hopefully if we slowly and carefully increase her fitness levels she will have less stress on her joints and a better quality of life.

Emma and me now. Skinny versions The fuller figure lee and em.

As kids, 18 year old

Now the self absorbed silly stuff!

LEE As much as I enjoyed my first marathon and am really excited about doing another; I made some pretty silly mistakes.


Being a grumpy tart in the morning makes it difficult for me to eat for the first few hours. Sounds dumb but if I eat too early becoming fully awake seams to take even longer and I get even grumpier; even the cats avoid me first thing.
99% of my morning training is done on nothing but a few cups of coffee.
I like to eat my main meal about a hour before bed so energy levels in the morning are normally pretty stable for a couple of hours. my own "special" version of carb back loading without the bullshite.
I've got away with this on a half marathon but did not expect the massive carb crash after the second hour in the full.
I had S.I.S carb gels and electrolyte laced water. Brilliant stuff in the first half but in the second half all they done is make me want to puke.
I've got to start putting a mix of slow and fast more natural carbs in before a long run. I stubbornly don't want to deal with solids first thing. I was thinking banana/oats/almond butter/milk and a little protein powder in a blender a couple of hours before running. i'll be carrying some home made flap jacks to nibble on. I'll still have some caffeine gels for emergency's.

pace Stupidly I was not planning to walk at all, I thought if I kept the pace slow I could just run the whole lot. I underestimated the massive difference in fitness required from running a half to the full marathon.
I'm planning on keeping the pace the same,but stop and walk for a min or two at every water station so I can eat and drink a little.(normally every 5k)


I'm still doing far too much heavy gym work. I need to prioritise my cardio and conditioning. I find the gym work so much easier and have been lazy. I never realised how much carrying a few extra kgs of muscle or arse weight can really slow you down. Another big plus, Emma really like's the abs!!
I've been doing one long run per week and a couple of short ones. I've no planning on my long one, I just go out and run until I get bored and phone Emma; or Em gets bored and comes looking for me. I need to get my arse out longer and incorporate walking sections. I now need to start running on trails a lot more... Hello thames path!!! I also really need to get my arse to the track and start doing some speed work too. I've no excuse; TVU has a great track and is only a warm up run down the road from me!!


I'll always find a reason to spend all my spare cash on equipment I don't really need.

Trail shoes. I've got a pair of saloman speedcross 3s, pretty cool boot, but they weigh about a metric ton and I now favour a much smaller drop.

Hydration vest I know i'm a massive equipment tart and I go overboard using one in a half marathon but I don't feel comfortable with a belt. I'm still pretty heavy, sweat buckets, and my carb levels dip ridiculously quick.
I've got a camel-back circuit and not had a problem with it until Monday. up until now i've had long sleeve compression tops on, using it with a vest has cut up my arms. I've been getting some strange looks, people wondering if i've been self harming. One size fits all is never really going to work with my voluptuous frame. The saloman s-lab 5 looks pretty appealing in a XL the bottle holders are on on my chest not in the armpits.

Obviously this is just a idiots game plan. I will gladly accept any help or advice. obviously i'm way beyond fashion tips; the silly hair is hear too stay ;-)