Recovery day

8am I woke up early with plenty of time, but my usual mug/small bucket of coffee turned into 3. I'm absolutely fecked! My achillies are swollen and sore, my left hip flexer won't lift my leg up, and even though its beautiful outside, everything is slightly gray.
Time to back off training a little and cruise for the week and a half I have left b4 my first full marathon.
10.00 Gym time and I'm late. After having a bicep tendon reconstructed in December (another crap story involving a mens health survival of the fittest race, a cargo net and an over excited moron i.e. me.:) it's only recently I've been able to train my upper body the way I want.

I want to do more obstacle races so it's really important I can handle my own body weight and swing around like a demented orangutan.
10.15am I've only got 30mins so instead of taking my time warming up, Im jumping about like a kid in a playground who's been told he's got 10mins left!!
Some exercise is better then no exercise right?
11am Then it's off to see Francine at Mi Tyme, To be pummelled and tortured in the name of recovery! Fran is by far the best masseuse I've ever been to. Slightly sadistic with ridiculously strong hands. She really knows how to distract you with her wicked sense of humour too. she's been dealing with idiots like me for 20 years.

12.30pm It's off to the sauna. I'm trying desperately to get my legs to calm down before going out running with the Datchet dashers tonight. I know I should rest, but I've missed far too many sessions with these guys and really enjoy the company on shorter run's.
So I'm sitting in a plunge pool trying really hard to not look like I'm having a pee. When a bloke next to me starts chatting up a young girl!

His Opening line!! "I'm doing a marathon this weekend!"
So I interrupted and asked him "London?" after a couple of mins talking I find out he's never done one before like me. Unlike me he's not even done a 5k!!!
Wow! I thought my bravery was boardering on stupidity!
Two weeks before my first 5k (last summer) I went to the venue (Dorney) and ran/walked it in 34mins. I knew I couldn't run it all, so set my watch for 1 min walk every 10mins. I really expected to be ridiculed. I wasn't far from last finishing! No body laughed and I wasn't out of place!
As you mature (I'm still hoping to some day) you realise that being number one is nowhere near as important as having fun! The experience is what matters!! So what if this guy run's/walks/crawls for an extra two or three hours! He will still have one hell of an experience doing it!
Bloke in the plunge pool (if ur reading this) Sorry for cock blocking you dude (she wasn't interested anyway) and good luck!"
6pm Totally effing shattered! I'm very sleepy. Super relaxed, all I want to do is to climb into bed and beg/emotionally blackmail Emma into some lazy loving.

6.30 One tin of red bull later, I'm out the house walking towards Slough. Hoping I wake up enough to start a gentle trot before I get to Upton court and meet the dashers. Half hour, I'm just over half way I'm running out of time and my legs are still pooped! Had to jog/stumble the last km. I really don't want to miss another session.
As I turned into the park I could see a couple of the dashers t-shirts. Amazing how quickly my running improved.
The Datchet dashers are a long established running group with some very serious, very experienced runners. Everyone is excited about upcoming race's including marathon's.
I'm trying to keep the worried squeak out of my voice as I proclaim I'm doing the "mk marathon" feeling like a total newbie! I'm not the only one!!!
*father jack "thank feck" There is a couple of other members doing the full distance for the first time.
Conversation turns to route and distance, Emma asks if anyone fancies running a shorter route? I almost peed myself with relief! I just want to blow the cob webs off tonight and do a little stretching.
Emma is a really experienced runner with a pace I have to work hard to keep up with. She smashed past me at the ten mile mark in the Wokingham half marathon last month. She also has a couple of ultras under her wing. I really wanted to pick her brains.
Bit out of order of me to be honest, all my questions had her struggling for breath. Mahahahahahahah #manical laugh! I managed to slow her down a touch.
Great short run 5k in about 28 mins.
I don't even remember walking home to be honest. I was too shattered to even play a bit of xbox!
Who said recovery days were supposed to be spent sat on your arse?