Positivity during injury

My stupidity has always been bigger then my talent. The slighest bit of adrenaline makes all common sense go out the window.
As you would expect I spent a lot of my childhood in a cast. Got some really cool scars though!! To be honest this didn't stop in childhood.
When I was eleven I was admitted to hospital to have my elbow reconstructed; crap story involving a racing bike with broken breaks, a massive brick and a "no hander"

Bicep injury from December.
My Mangled elbow now.

In the ward was two younger kids. Both six years old, from the same part of Sunderland. One had broken his leg in several places in a playground accident. He was confined to bed with a cast from knacker to toe.
The other had been run over by a double decker bus!!! He had a freaking tread mark on his leg's !!! His leg's were shattered!!! He had external fixators all the way down both his legs. External fixators are like a small scaffold on the out side of the body with pins literary screwed into the bones.
I had the pleasure of a small one a few years later. Another crap story; this time involving a mountain bike, me trying to show off to a group of girls and the side of someone's house.
Both had been in hospital a few weeks. So pain was managed. The kid in a cast was really not dealing very well. When his mam visited he would cry and howl, even the nurse's had to be really careful not to upset him.
The other kid; the nurse's had a real hard time stopping him from getting out of bed, by himself to play with his toys!
This amazing child was buggered if anything was going to stop him! He was forever laughing and joking with the docs, nurse's, his family, everybody.

We will all face injury, stress and grief at some point. Some people will naturally bitch and moan and take life's challenges personally. Me, I'd rather continue to play with my toys!!!

Hitting 100,000 game score a few years ago!! Very sad life!

This all from the idiot who when talking to the surgeon who was about to do my bicep repair. Asked "when you put me in cast can I have my hand sidewards so i still play xbox?"