Simple dieting tips!

I had some amazing results dieting and getting fitter last year. I started at 132 very voluptuous kgs and finished at 94kgs to be in the best shape of my life.

A friend of mine made this awesome slide show for me. Cheers Phil!! It does a really good job of showing how my body changed over time.

I've had quite a few people asking for advice or my mystical magical secret for fat loss.
Progress over 1 year 132kg to 94kgs
I like to keep things as simple as possible. So this will be a "simpleton's guide to losing arse weight!"

1/Fad diets
Diets that promise incredible results in a few short weeks or months are usually unsustainable. Weight loss from water or carb depletion is not fat loss. This will eventually make you feel and look like shite. Unfortunately there is a lot of con artists in the health and fitness world.

Real fat loss and fitness takes time. Sudden massive changes in diet and exercise routine's are going to do nothing but exhaust you, make you ill and Piss you off.
Slow increase's in exercise and intensity with sensible dieting changes will make a massive change in the long run. Just be patient and don't give in!!!

Before I could run, I started walking more. A twenty min walk to the local shop and back every day is a awesome way to burn a few extra calories and prepare your joints for running or more intense Exercise. I rarely take the car anywhere now. Stops me getting more speeding points on my license too!

4/Junk food
Cut back on the junk slowly, reduce portion size. Your pallet will change dramatically over time. Junk food and sweets will lose their appeal. The idea of KFC makes me want to puke now!! I never dreamed I would say that!!!

5/Heart rate monitor's
I absolutely love HRM's and activitie trackers. They give you a really good indication of just how hard you are working! I used to think I was training hard until I got one. I instantly realised I was spending far too much time training my jaw and talking poop between sets.

5/Earphones and a good playlist
I was forever talking shite during a workout. Sometimes spending hours in the gym floating about boring the arse off anyone who would listen occasionally doing a few sets. Earphones are a great way to get you in YOUR zone. Easy way to avoid distraction :-)
Once you have finished your training you can hang around and catch up on gossip.

6/Time exercising
For fat loss, Keep your workouts short and sharp. With minimal rest and talking you should be in and out the gym within a hour.

I love the calorie tracker Myfitnesspal and it's free!!. Just be honest, every chocolate drop counts! You can always change your setting to private if you don't want people to see two dozen cream eggs that got demolished over easter.
Don't be discouraged by a bad day; just put it down to experience and start again immediately. It's all about consistency remember.

8/Do it with love
Sounds stupid but you need to develop a love for what you are doing. Approach all exercise slowly with a open mind. There is a reason why so many people love running or gym time. If you start slow with a positive attitude you will too!
Don't feel comfortable where you are? Find somewhere else, there are dozens of different types of gyms/bootcamps/sports clubs for different people with different goals. Find yours.

For me it was all about the small changes. I worked with high carbs, low carbs and no carbs; they all worked. For me it was more about how you are willing to live, long term.
Take things in stages and keep it simple. Eat less crap, exercise more and don't give in.
If I can do it anyone can!