The strongest will I've ever seen

its Me Emma! :) feeling a little emotional and wanted to let the world know! :) Lee has been holding my hand all week while I have been having IV steroid treatments for hours on end! It worries me that all the focus is on my bad health and Lees needs may seem to go by the wayside (as we discovered at the GP's Lee needs scans of liver cysts that have appeared?) something we didn't even know of from a scan several months ago- sometimes things slip through the cracks- but this is my Lee we are talking about. Walking out of the Dr's I said "I don't want u worrying about this luv" Lee replied 'I'm not worried Em, there's nothing that I can't deal with' - Lee doesn't want me worrying but I hope and think he does think that way. A positive mind frame is imperative when u struggle with any illness, of course it will slip on some days Keeping momentum up etc but Lee is something else. Ive never known someone to push as hard as this one and just not give up or give in. It puts me to shame when on some days I can't function on any kinda level. All I know is that the love, care and support I get from Lee is something I simply could not survive without and I am in awe of his tenacity in everything he does. Just to make things harder he makes some self placed goals! Which r batshit crazy big! But I know he will love every second of reaching those crazy goals- I will make sure that I am only a glance away from wherever he is while he's doing them :)